The Lambda Project The Lambda Project

A research project with the aim of discovering the keys to
healthy aging and optimzing beauty on both the outside
(appearance) and inside (healthy body and mind).

Alopecia (alopecia) is a disease that affects about 30% of men. Regardless of gender, when Alopecia (alopecia) develops, the age of appearance seems to increase 10 years and can cause serious pyschological stress. In order to treat this condition (alopecia), top medical researchers from around the world joined forces to create "The Lambda Project".

Background of launch


Dr. Craig Willcox, a leading gerontologist who has been researching the genetic and lifestyle habits behind the longevity phenomenon in Okinawa, the world's longest lived region at the time, after obtaining a doctorate from the University of Toronto, I studied the secret of "The Okinawa Program" and compiled it into a book.
This book was translated into over a dozen languages, becoming an international best seller, and was featured in multiple newspapers, magazines, television and other media outlets around the world.

Curing Alopecia

Through his research into the lfestyles and mind-sets of healthy centenarians, the concept of "beautiful aging" was born. Aging should is a natural process to be welcomed and not feared so rather than "anti-aging" we must think in terms of "beautiful aging".At this time, alopecia was targeted as a hindrance to appearance and a major source of stress as one ages.

Regardless of gender, when hair loss symptoms progress,one tends to suffer both on the inside (mental stress) as well as outward appearance. To solve the problem, Dr. Craig began research on alopecia amelioration within "Regenera Group" a worldwide network of reseachers focused upon the topic of healthy aging.

Regenera Grop

Regenera Group is made up of leading researchers in gerontology and geriatric medicine who are engaged in advanced research, training, and dissemination of information on preventive and regenerative medicine.
Members' specialties range from basic bio-medical sciences to cinical and translational medicine to pharmaceutical sciences.

The Lambda Project

Regenera Group and its leading researchers on healthy aging, have come together to form "The Lambda Project",which is dedicated to improving treatement options for alopecia and other age associated diseases.
In 2014, with Dr. Craig taking the lead, established its R & D base within Sannio Tech, an industry-academic-government collaborative laboratory located in Sannio, Italy.
Products that have been researched and developed will be new products that have undergone clinical trials at the university hospital and other locations within Italy.
"The Lambda Project" with the help of the latest medical advances from preventive and regenerative medicine will continue to evolve.

Members Introduction

Lambda Grow continues to partner with top bio-medical scientists focused upon aging research from all overthe world to continually produce safer and more efficacious products.
In particular, those that understand and appreicate the concept of "Beautiful Aging" and are aggressively translating the latest medical breakthroughs into safe and effective beautiful aging solutions.

Head of Scientific Advisory Board

Donald Craig Willcox, MHSc, PhD

After obtaining his doctorate from the University of Toronto, he permanently relocated to Okinawa to continue his research on the genetics and lifestyle factors associated with healthy aging and longevity in Okinawa and other longevity areas around the world (commonly called "Blue Zones")
Okinawa once reknowned the world over for the longevity of its inhabitants and high number of centenarians has also witnessed the appearance of lifestyle diseases and obesity and a slowing of gains in average life expectancy. Dr. Craig is now documenting this "shrinking Blue Zone" phenomenon and the reasons behind it in order to preserve the wisdom of the elders for future generations.


Board Member : Giovanni Scapagnini

Dr. Giovanni acquired a medical degree in 1992 and a doctorate in biochemistry in 2000 from the University of Catania.
While conducting research guidance at the National Neurological Disorders / Stroke Research Institute and National Institute of Health located in Maryland, USA, he has also been devoted to research on healthy aging (in particular healthy brain aging) at Sannio Tech where he heads the scientifc research program.

Board Member : Bradly j,Willcox
MD,MSc,CAQ Geriatrics

Bradley J. Willcox did his training in geriatric medicine at Harvard University and presentlys heads the research program in geriatic medicine at the University of Hawaii and Kuakini Medical Center.

Board Member : Rich Allsopp

Dr. Allsopp is Professor at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, John A Burns School of Medicine.
His research and area of expertise is in stem cell biology and telomere / telomerase biology, as well as how these two intersecting fields related to the aging process and human longevity.

Board Member : Dodge Hiroko

Dr. Dodge specializes in quantitative research in the field of aging, including clinical trials, epidemiological research and behavioralintervention studies and is Professor of Neurology at University of Michigan.


Taking on Alopecia: agressive measures from "The Lambda Project"

For those of us advocating the concept of "beautiful aging", alopecia is one the biggest challenges. "The Lambda Project" confronts this problem by matching the solution to the stage of hair loss. Alopecia develops in approximately 1 in 3 people due to both genetic and lifestyle factors and progrsses in an age dependent manner. Our treatment approaches are tailored to individuals and their personal symptoms. An important part of any treatment regimen includes scalp care, through special cleansers & shampoos. For those at an early stage of hair loss, our Lambda Grow Begin product, which contains quasi-drugs & hair restorers is an effective therapy with little risk of side effects. However, for those at more advanced stages of hair loss where hair growth cycles require re-setting through hormonal and enzymatic control Lambda Grow Extra for men and Lambda Grow Plaisir for women are the preferred choices.

Among Alopecia (alopecia) there is a familiar AGA (Ezy A) and male pattern baldness, which is abbreviated as "Androgenetic Alopecia" in particular.

Please do not worry if you can not prevent it anyway, those who have advanced AGA, or who already knew "The Lambda Project" already advanced! Lambda grooves prepared by the world's best knowledge of "The Lambda Project" are prepared. From here, the medicine lambda glow comes in. Lambda glow is particularly effective for this AGA. Lamda Groe who has the power to restore advanced AGA and can experience the satisfaction level that I could not taste until now strongly supports you and leads to AGA resolution.